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Roammeo collects and recommends cool events in your area. You tell us who you are and where you’re located. We tell you the best options for how to spend your time. And thanks to our automatic recommendation engine, all of our results adapt to your preferences.

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We began as a team of Yalies who wanted to solve the gap between event hosts and local residents. We thought it was crazy that we lived on a campus and in a city where we always knew that something good was going on, but we had no way of finding out what that something was. So we set out to make the most intelligent event discovery service that the world had ever seen.

Along the way, we successfully launched at Yale and in New Haven, won the Yale Venture Challenge and the Yale College Council App Competition, and became finalists at MassChallenge. Now we’re growing into new cities to continue to help you discover the amazing events happening right outside of your front door.




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